Enjoy music, dance, art, wellness and even embroidery at ¡Oye Corona! on Saturday @ Queens Museum


A report from QNS.com.

Think globally, act locally — or enjoy global culture in a local venue.

Queens Museum will host a four-hour celebration of art, dance, music, and crafts in Corona this Saturday, Aug. 12, starting at 2 p.m. It’s free, and visitors will be able to experience creative activities with roots in Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Part of an ongoing series called “¡Oye Corona!” at the public space in the vicinity of 39th Avenue between 108th and 111th streets, the main event is a music-and-dance performance by the Chief Joseph Chatoyer Dance Company. Named after a leader who died in a battle against the British on the island of St. Vincent in 1795, this troupe promotes and maintains the culture of the Garifunas, an ethnic group consisting mostly of descendants of African and indigenous populations in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and St. Vincent.

Attendees can expect to see the Wanaragua (or Máscaro in Spanish). In this ritual, the male dancer wears female clothing and a mask, recalling the disguises that Garifuna warriors used when fighting the British, and shells on his ankles. While drummers provide a beat on tambors, he boogies, shimmies, and prances in strong, flashy movements.

Then, Sonido Chichadélico from the Colectivo Guaracha will provide live deejay music from a variety of genres.

The event’s theme is “Life is Beautiful,” and an emphasis will be on inspiring wellness. Thus, the activities lineup includes dance therapy classes with Mujeres en Movimiento; singing lessons with Colombian folklorist Carolina Oliveros; embroidery and crochet instruction with Immigrant Movement International; and even a healthy food workshop by nutritionist Ana Maria Quispe, an expert in Andean cuisine.

¡Oye Corona! is a cultural celebration that Queens Museum organizes each month in Corona, if weather permits.

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