A post by Peter Jordens.

A new issue of Revista del ICP (Instituto Cultural de Puerto Rico) is available. Series 3, Number VI carries as its theme: “Caribe: ejes y periferias” [Caribbean: Axes and Peripheries].

Here is the English translation of the editorial introduction by Doris E. Lugo Ramírez, editor and coordinator of the serial publications of the ICP:

This issue of Revista del ICP, dedicated to the Caribbean, offers a plurality of voices that subtly encircle the center – the political, literary, artistic and historical-cultural canon – and conscious of this, present new responses and lucid perspectives peripheral to assimilationist politics, to the “essentialized” subject, and to the worn space of culture, understood as history, art, literature and religiosity. In other words, both independently and jointly, the articles/voices of this issue represent the complexity of the Caribbean, from its territorial identity to the diversity of trajectories of its cultural activity.

Aarón Gamaliel Ramos commences this number with the affirmation of the creolité and negritude of the French Antillean sister islands. Next, the contributions of Jorge Sánchez, Ana Zapata-Calle, Dolores Aponte-Ramos and Carlos Uldárico establish an alternate code to the “deficient code that is known to us” in order to identify the subject from its ontological humanity beyond “race, ethnicity, class or sexuality.” Meanwhile, a “third space” is visualized that brings together new visual, social, historical, literary, editorial (Anastasia Valecce, Jaime Partsch McMillan, José Antonio Rodríguez Valentín and Daniel Nina) and religious (George Cole and Juan Carlos García Cacho) narratives to reinvent the center, the “truth,” including the historical, but from the counterposition of individual or collective memory. “Caribbean: Axes and Peripheries,” then, caresses the subaltern as possibility.

The new issue can be read online at


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