Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba


In “El tren de la danza cubana,” Armando León Viera (Cibercuba) reviews dancer and choreographer Lizt Alfonso, who, after many trials and tribulations, studied at the Spanish Dance School of Havana’s Grand Theater [Escuela de Danza Española del Gran Teatro de La Habana] and at the Superior Institute of Art, becoming a leading choreographer and founding her own company, Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC). León Viera writes:

Upon graduating in 1990 from the University of the Arts of Cuba, Lizt joined the Folkloric Ensemble of the Concepción Arenal Spanish Society, and maintained the link with the Center for the Promotion of Dance (ProDanza), directed by dance teacher Laura Alonso.

Armed with this arsenal, in 1992, Lizt Herrera Alfonso, known by her stage name Lizt Alfonso, founded a dance academy that every year forms hundreds of children and young people who attend her Children’s Ballet and Youth Ballet. Here, since 2008, with the Endorsement of the National School of Art (ENA), she educates and trains professional dancers who specialize in a particular fusion style, unique in the world. She is the founding teacher, principal choreographer and director of the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) company—a collective that has relaunched and has made world-wide news in the Cuban dance arena, receiving constant praises from the public and specialized critics globally, besides developing extraordinary pedagogical and community work in its Havana headquarters.

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) is a genuine expression of the mixt that characterizes Cuban culture. Their shows combine, in their own distinctive style, elements of flamenco, ballet, and folkloric dance, with Spanish and Afro-Cuban rhythms, which has led dance critics to rate their work as unique and different. Created in October of 1991 with the initial name Iberian Dances, a year later it was declared independent company and assumed its present name, Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba. In the year 2000, it became a resident company of the Gran Teatro de La Habana.

With a solely female troupe and its own musical accompaniment for all their live performances, Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba has been acclaimed across the five continents thanks to dance, music and children’s shows such as Fuerza y compás (1999), Elementos (2002), Alas (2006), Vida (2007), Amigas (2011), Cuba vibra! (2012) and Niños de Cuba (2014). It is the only dance group from Cuba that has performed at the Latin Grammy ceremony. It was also the first to perform an entire season on Broadway in the world-famous New Victory Theater (2003).

Lizt Alfonso is also the choreographer of “Bailando,” sung by Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, and Gente de Zona, the seventh most viewed video on Youtube and the most reproduced in Spanish language.

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