Art Exhibition: Llewellyn Xavier’s “Célébration”


Fondation Clément presents Llewellyn Xavier’s “Célébration.” The exhibition—curated by Dominique Brebion—opened on Thursday, August 3, 2017, and is on view until September 28, 2017, at at L’Habitation Clément in Le François, Martinique. Tomorrow, August 6, at 10:00am, there will be a guided tour with the artist [VISITE COMMENTÉE PAR L’ARTISTE DE L’EXPOSITION CÉLÉBRATION]. Llewellyn Xavier is a leading artist from St. Lucia.

Description (by Dominique Brebion, curator): With Célébration by Llewellyn Xavier, Clément Foundation invites you to broaden and deepen your experience of abstract painting. Following the 50 historic museum pieces that were shown last January in the exhibition entitled Le Geste et la matière, presented in collaboration with Centre Pompidou, you are invited to discover the recent creations of Llewellyn Xavier which are part of the Caribbean abstract movement.

The journey of the artist took him from St. Lucia to London, Toronto, and New York, and some of his work is found today in prestigious collections at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MOMA, VIC and AL in London, among others. Back in his native country, he devotes himself to the glorification and the sublimation of Caribbean nature through an abstraction of matter. He explores several methods of working, from a large and fluid gesture like that of Paul Jenkins to surfaces that are heavily structured by thick matter.

His pictorial practice associates certain characteristics of abstract expressionism and impressionism.
Firstly, he employs the “all over” and expression through gesture, color and matter. Secondly, he renders variations and fugitive shimmers of light through the juxtaposition of colors. Matter and, above all, color are the fundamental components of Llewellyn Xavier’s pictorial style.

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