“Murder Gardens” is Miami’s latest hit series!

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A report from South Florida Caribbean News.

Murder Gardens focuses on the part of Miami that tourists and television cameras don’t see; the rougher neighborhoods, the crime, the drugs and the violence that are not pictured when people mention the Magic City.

The series is honest to the culture it comes from, with local slang, mannerisms and the city itself captured in the most realistic way possible.

The show centers around the story of Chase Washington, a 19 year old young man whose whole world has been turned upside down after he leaves the safe comfortable life that his foster father created for him, for a life of crime and corruption that he is introduced to by his older brother Rell Washington.

Faced with the biggest dilemma of his life Chase finds himself in a life or death scenario once he gets involved in a crime that goes drastically wrong with Rell and a group of friends.

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Murder Gardens is Miami's latest hit series!

As a result chase ends up in the middle of a war between a notorious crew of drug dealers, corrupt politicians and local law enforcement. Determined to survive and prove that the brain is mightier than the gun, Chase finds a way to outsmart his new found enemies and keep him and his brother out of prison and/or a graveyard.

With a cast that is formed almost entirely of African American, Caribbean, Latin, and other minorities, Murder Gardens aims to be the next show that hooks people in.

The creators were inspired by shows such as The Wire and Sons Of Anarchy, and “Murder Gardens” will greatly appeal to the audiences of the new wave of self-empowered underdogs that have been popular these days, such as Orange Is The New Black and, of course, the classic police based series such as Law And Order.

Murder Gardens Creator – Mark Samuels

Mark Samuels is African American filmmaker from Miami Gardens, FL. After embarking on a successful career as a independent artist named King Colosus, Mark discovered a passion for film through his first love music.

After directing music videos and documentaries for a variety of artists, record labels and production companies in South Florida, Samuels created his own production companies Dade Fire Films and Mbs Media Group.

With over 10 years of experience in music and film in South Florida, Mark is creating his original series, Murder Gardens, a tale about crime and corruption based in his hometown of Miami Gardens.

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