IN THE FORESTS OF FREEDOM: the Fighting Maroons of Dominica by Lennox Honychurch

unnamed.jpgIN THE FORESTS OF FREEDOM: the Fighting Maroons of Dominica by Lennox Honychurch

Publication date: July 31 2017


ISBN: 9780993108662

Price: £9.99

Pages: 240

Papillote Press is delighted to announce the publication of “In the Forests of Freedom: the Fighting Maroons of Dominica” by Lennox Honychurch. In this detailed and brilliantly research book, Honychurch tells the enthralling and untold story of how the Maroons challenged the colonial powers in a heroic struggle to create a free and self-sufficient society.

From the Africans who took refuge on the island in the 16th century, through the two brutal Maroon Wars in the last decades of slavery, to the building of a post-emancipation nation, “In the Forests of Freedom” takes the reader deep into the hinterland of the Dominica story.

What they say about the book:

“The brave people who held out in Dominica’s mountain wilderness for generations against the military forces of two colonial empires have had their story well told at last. Their spirits can now be at rest.” — Adam Hochschild, author of “Bury the Chains”

“This book will long stand as the definitive account of these Maroons whom the British considered, after those in Jamaica, the major menace to their plantation system. Dominica’s Maroons have finally found their chronicler.” — Richard Price, author of “Maroon Societies”


About the author:

Lennox Honychurch was born and raising in Dominica. A historian and anthropology graduate of the University of Oxford, he has published numerous books and academic papers on the history of Dominica and the wider Caribbean. An expert on all aspects of Dominica’s history and culture, his book, “The Dominica Story”, was the first history of the island. His most recent project was the restoration of Forest Shirley, at the Cabrits National Park, Dominica. He is also an artist and a poet. He lives in Dominica.

For more information about this book, please contact Polly Pattullo at and visit the website:


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