Forthcoming—“CUBA: 101 Beautiful and Nostalgic Places to Visit”


CUBA: 101 Beautiful and Nostalgic Places to Visit by Michael Connors, with photography by Jorge Laserna is due on the shelves in September. The hardcover edition, with 316 spectacular photos, is published by Rizzoli New York.

Description: As a leader of art and architecture tours to Cuba for more than fifteen years, Michael Connors has visited all the island’s nooks and crannies and just completed his latest book about this often misunderstood Caribbean gem. Bridging armchair travel with in-depth and practical travel guidance, CUBA: 101 Beautiful and Nostalgic Places to Visit, explores the most authentic and compelling sites that reveal the real Cuba.

From tobacco farms, orchid gardens, crocodile farms, and coffee plantations to artists’ galleries and studios and street art; from cigar shops, clubs, beaches and bars to lighthouses, river tours, national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites; Connors showcases them all against the more well-known and expected stops like the road from Granma to Santiago de Cuba, Hemingway’s home (Finca Vigía) outside of Havana, the Dupont mansion (Xanadu), the old French Triolet Pharmacy in Matanzas and the Sugar Mill Valley in Trinidad. More than 300 photographs by Jorge Laserna were shot exclusively for this book, bringing an unrivaled vibrancy to each location and treasure. CUBA: 101 Beautiful and Nostalgic Places to Visit is an insider’s guide to the heart and soul of exquisite, nostalgic and always fascinating Cuba.

Michael Connors, an expert in Caribbean art, antiques and architecture, has more than 30 years of experience in writing, consultation, and teaching in fine and decorative arts. He has written a dozen books featuring the Caribbean and continues to lead art and architecture tours throughout Cuba. Jorge Laserna is a Cuban photographer and filmmaker who has photographed for the World Monuments Fund and Havana’s Historian Office.

For more information, contact Jessica C. Napp, Rizzoli New York Associate Director of Publicity, (212) 387-3436 or

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