Indie Spotlight: ‘Scraps’ Animates The Mischief Of A Caribbean Cat


Every once in a while we show you some projects that are seeking funds through crowdsourcing, like this one. We do so because the projects are creative and interesting and we want to showcase the potential of Caribbean artists. We are, however, not endorsing them or suggesting our readers contribute to them. Unless we state it clearly, we don’t know these artists.

Project Name: Scraps

Asking For: $5,000 through Indiegogo

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $897

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 30

Description: Move over, Simon’s Cat: There’s a new animated feline that wants to make its mark on the internet. His name is Scraps, and he’s the creation of a Trinidad & Tobago-based animation team led by Kevin Bhall.

The eight five-minute episodes of Scraps that Bhall has planned will follow the titular cat as he makes mischief on a Caribbean island. In a teaser for the project, Bhall displays the brightness of the setting he hopes to create, as well of the kinetic pace with which Scraps will move across his home territory.

The goal is to ultimately create an animated series that will express the culture of the Caribbean islands in a bright, authentic, and kid-friendly way. With the money he wants to raise on Indiegogo, Bhall will get to work on a pilot, so that he can give potential viewers a better idea of what to expect:

Creator Bio: Much of Bhall’s work, which often incorporates bright colors and imagery from his native country, can be found via Vimeo.

Best Perk: The $50 perk package includes a coloring book, which you can use to bring your own palette to the lush world of Scraps.

Why You Should Fund It: The artfulness of Bhall’s vision is easy to see. For evidence of it, take a look at these gifs posted as part of the Scraps campaign:

giphy1 giphy2

If Scraps‘ visual elements are not compelling enough, one can also consider the clear passion Bhall has for Caribbean culture. He wants to share a fresh, original piece of regional storytelling, and you can help make it happen.

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