Forthcoming: Gustavo Pérez Firmat’s “Sin lengua, deslenguado”

prueba portada sinlengua (2)

Gustavo Pérez Firmat’s new book Sin lengua, deslenguado—a collection of prose and poetry—will be published this September by Ediciones Cátedra.

Description (Ediciones Cátedra): Gustavo Pérez Firmat was born in Havana in 1949. He defines himself as “born in Cuba, made in the USA,” and asserts that it is difficult to imagine a life away from North American culture and the English language but, at the same time, “Cuba is still my homeland, the place that is more mine, that has molded my beliefs and desires the most.” These lines summarize the work of a poet and academic who responds to the identity of the generation of 1.5, a broad group that includes those who have been born outside the United States and have arrived in the host country in their early childhood. The Cuban-American poet is very clear: being not exactly Cuban and not exactly American, his life is on hyphen, more than in any of the two demonyms he shares. This anthology gathers pieces written originally in Spanish or in English—which are rendered in a bilingual version, others that combine Spanish with English, and yet others that include sections in “Spanglish.”

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