Brooklyn boxing champs – and sisters – get mural in their honor


a report by Magee Hickey for PIX 1.

World champion boxing sisters Amanda and Cindy Serrano couldn’t believe how beautiful the mural of these incredible world champs is.

Seeing the colorful mural depicting the Puerto Rican born and Bushwick raised sisters for the first time almost left the pair speechless. Amanda Serrano gasped when she first saw the mural.

“It is so beautiful,”she said. “It is wonderful to get the recognition of the community.”

Combing beauty and world class boxing skills, 28-year-old Amanda is the only woman in the history of boxing — and the only Puerto Rican — to win world titles in five divisions.

Her big sister, 35-year-old Cindy Serrano, is the WBO featherweight champ.

Artist Albertus Joseph worked for 24 hours straight to capture their likenesses from a Latin trends magazine cover.

“You get nervous because you want it to be just right,” the artist told PIX11.

This particular block of Harman street off Knickerbocker Avenue is filled with Puerto Rican flags and pride.

Other murals include Olympic gold medalist Monica Puig and baseball great Roberto Clemente.

“They have made Bushwick very proud,” Rocko Alaoui, director of Spread Art NYC told PIX11. “We wanted to do something for them in return.”

So this was a day for family and neighbors to celebrate the Serrano sisters being added to this Puerto Rican Mural of fame.

“I feel so proud,” Magda Serrano, mother of Amanda and Cindy, told PIX11.

Proud father Ismael said the secret to his parenting success was “talking to them a lot and never being mean to them.”

Cindy’s 7-year-old son, Jovan, said he thought it was “kind a cool, because they worked so hard for this.”

Her 15-year-old daughter Destiny also enjoyed the mural.

“I am honored that my aunt and mother are on the wall,” she said. “It’s a great moment.”

The Serrano sisters are about to go into the Guinness Book of World Records as the only pair of sisters ever to win boxing world titles.

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