Art Exhibition: Moisés González Acosta’s “Visiones”


Moisés González Acosta’s “Visiones” opens on Friday, July 28, at Casa 8. The gallery is located on 8th Street (between 13th and 15th Avenues) in Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

[. . .] According to Johanna Luque Novoa, curator of “Visiones,” Moisés “is an emerging artist, a revolutionizing innovator who keeps experimenting with channels of artistic creation, always looking for new ways to represent the creative freedom that defines him.”

The bare legs of amorphous beings announce the triumph of playful and surrealistic sensuality, interested in representing zoomorphic and bizarre beings, on nine canvases where the artist recreates “different ways of envisioning human existence and the social environment in which we coexist … as his indefinite characters try to establish a diachronic dialogue with the observer through the titles attributed to each piece. These characters are mythological beings whom Moisés has imbued with his fantasy, transmuting them into spokespersons of his inner self.”

A notable characteristic is the repeated use of glasses, and in this case, the artist draws on his craftsmanship and uses wood to build this addition, which is reminiscent of the installations of his two-dimensional works and highlights the relevant elements on which he wants the audience to focus.

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