Intellectuals denounce the Dominican government’s racist and anti-Haitian campaign

Cientos de haitianos cañeros e indocumentados esperan ser atendi

Professionals and intellectuals from the Dominican Republic and its Diaspora as well as national and international institutions signed a document rejecting what they have described as a racist and anti-Haitian campaign. The letter was published in several media outlets (including and social networks.

The letter says, “We, the undersigned, express our rejection of the new racist and anti-immigrant campaign in the Dominican Republic that is being spread through the conservative press and social networks and driven by sectors of the traditional political class and business sector.”

The document also notes that this “racist propaganda” alleges that there is a massive “Haitian invasion” coming across the border; however, “every time a wave of hatred against said community is raised, it is to turn it into a scapegoat, blaming it for the budget deficit or to cover up the unprecedented indebtedness caused by the present government.”

The letter ends by saying, “We express our solidarity with the Dominican people in struggle for a better country and with immigrants of Haitian origin and their descendants. Finally, we call on all social organizations, intellectuals, unions, feminist and student groups to denounce the systematic use of anti-Haitian campaigns to divide the Dominican people.”

For the original letter (in Spanish), see

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