A Symbol is a Truth: Marta María Pérez at MUSAS


Cuban Art News features Cuban artist Marta María Pérez, who speaks about her solo exhibition—“Marta María Pérez: Un símbolo es una verdad [A Symbol is a Truth]”—which opened at the Museo de Arte de Sonora [Sonora Art Museum (MUSAS)] in Hermosillo, Mexico.

[. . .] “The exhibition has been in the planning for two or three years, until we finally confirmed the dates and spaces,” Pérez explained via email. “MUSAS is a relatively new museum [opened in 2009] that welcomes a wide variety of projects and has a vision for multiple artistic genres.”

“‘A Symbol is a Truth’ is the title of one of my works from the 2000s that is in the exhibition, and it was the title that Mexican curator, Octavio Avendaño, and I selected for the show,” she continued. “In every culture there have been symbols that represent Truths, and that are respected as much as the written word and religious faith are. It seemed to us something very evocative for this show.”

[. . .] The exhibition features approximately 50 works in a range of formats and media, including sheer fabric, aluminum, heavyweight Bond paper, and video. “The formats were defined by the space itself, to lend diversity to the exhibition,” Pérez wrote.’ [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.cubanartnews.org/news/a-symbol-is-a-truth-marta-maria-perez-at-musas/6241

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