BEST MARINE THEMED ARTWORK FROM THE VENICE BIENNALE 2017: Jason deCaires Taylor (Grenada Pavilion)

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A selection from Boat International. Their brief list of favorites also includes Grenada artist Milton Williams at number 4.

1. Jason deCaires Taylor

The 57th Venice Biennale opened to the public last month, transforming the floating city into the world’s biggest art fair. Exhibitions and installations spilled out of grand buildings, pallazos, squares and churches, all showcasing artists and designers from across the globe.

In a city that is shaped by water, there was plenty of sea-inspired artwork on display, from sinking ships and underwater treasures to icy expeditions and stormy seas. Click through to see the best aquatic art on display at the Venice Biennale.

Jason deCaires Taylor

In 2006 Jason deCaires Taylor founded the world’s first underwater art gallery off the west coast of Grenada. The artist placed life-size sculptures at the bottom of the ocean to create his living installation. The statues were intended to create an artificial reef and provide new habitats for coral.

In the Grenada Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, deCaires Taylor displayed photographs of his underwater creations covered in beautiful brightly coloured sea life.

The show also has a moral message. The two central pieces, Bleached I and Bleached II, are completely white sculptures covered in ‘dead’ coral demonstrating the devastating effect of the coral bleaching epidemic.

Jason deCaires Taylor’s work will be on display in the Grenada Pavilion from May 12 – November 27, 2017.

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