Theater: Cuba’s Andrea Doimeadiós


Several Cuban media outlets, including CiberCuba and Cubanet, have been praising rising star Andrea Doimeadiós, known for the films Retour à Ithaque (2014), El techo (2016), El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García (2017), and the short La manzana (2017). The most recent accolades are for her role, along with fellow Cuban actress Venecia Feria, in the theater piece “La cita” [The Date], which brought packed audiences to the Bertold Brecht theater in Havana. The articles focus on her theatrical lineage, as daughter of well-known actor Osvaldo Doimeadiós, and the challenges of having an acting career in Cuba. Here is my translation of excerpts from CiberCuba:

Andrea is the daughter of renowned Cuban actor Osvaldo Doimeadiós –widely recognized by the Cuban public for his work in television and theater, as he is endowed with an interpretative skill that few possess. Although she experienced it in the past, Andrea no longer feels the weight of her last name. She has known how to create her own path in performance, first, when she entered the National School of Art, and then, when she decided on her future in acting. “At first, I felt the imposition of comparisons; inevitably, everyone spoke about my father as an example. For an adolescent, these pressures can make you feel minimized. “Sometimes I felt that, because I was the daughter of an actor, some people took away my right to make mistakes,” says Andrea. She adds, “Today I no longer feel the pressure of the name Doimeadiós. My father is my first teacher.” [I felt different] ever since I was an introverted little girl who preferred to stay at home reading because she was ‘the weirdo in the classroom.’ It was my father who also encouraged me not to give up when I thought that my shyness would be an impediment if I studied acting.” Once she graduated, she began working with the group El Público, one of the most recognized troupes in Havana, led by Carlos Díaz, whom Andrea considers a key figure in her life.

Regarding work options that Cuban actors have, Andrea states: “There really are not many. In theater, one finds more projects, but remuneration is very low. On the other hand, television barely films new dramatized programs and national filmography only produces three or four projects each year. Being part of a film is a joy to any actor. That’s why I thank Patricia Ramos so much for the opportunity to star in El techo [The Roof].

In the film El techo, Andrea stars as Ana, her first starring role in cinema: “Ana is a pregnant young woman who does not know how to lead her life. She just watches Havana from a rooftop. El techo is a pretty sad movie. It speaks of a passive generation, one that does not fight, that is not interested in doing or changing anything. They gave up. They are tired of waiting. I am not part of that generation. There are many things I still want to do,” she says. [. . .]

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