Exhibition: Marili ‘Mim’ Pizarro’s “La práctica errática”


“La práctica errática” [Erratic Practice], an interdisciplinary exhibition by Marili ‘Mim’ Pizarro, will be on view today (July 20) and tomorrow (July 21) at 7:00pm at Hidrante (an art center located at 454 Calle Saldaña) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The exhibition—which includes the participation of Beatriz Irizarry, Jeanne D’Arc Casas, and Raúl I. Porro—integrates visual art, digital art, performance, dance, installations, and drawing. Here are translated excerpts from El Nuevo Día (20 July 2017):

[. . .] A sample of this interdisciplinarity that [the artist] inhabits may be seen in “La práctica errática,” the artist’s first individual exhibition. [. . .] It will be an exhibition that includes performance, installations, drawings, posters, and digital art that was made from 2011 to the present.

“This exhibition aims to be a space in which all those disciplines that I have been working on [come together and] communicate. At the thematic level, it revolves around contemporaneity and the adaptation of the body to the modern world, technology, but above all, fragmentation,” she explains.

This fragmentation or rupture, she says, was a stimulus for her work and inspired the title of the show. “My work is potentially fragmented on many occasions and I think that—as long as I achieve that as a virtue, and I manage to articulate a coherent practice based on it—then, that is what erratic practice is,” she says.


For full article (in Spanish), see https://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/nota/marilipizarroabrehoysuprimeraexposicioninterdisciplinaria-2341895/

Also see https://allevents.in/san%20juan/la-pr%C3%A1ctica-err%C3%A1tica-marili-pizarro/152277038678485#, http://mimpizar.wixsite.com/mimpizart, http://unsuelosinsuela.blogspot.com

For more information you may write to mimpizar@gmail.com or hidranteee@gmail.com

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