A post by Peter Jordens.

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is a month-long collaborative residency initiative conceptualized and developed by Trinidadian artist Shanice Smith (1991) and Guyanese artist Dominique Hunter (1987), after the two met on the fourth iteration of the Caribbean Linked residency in Aruba in 2016. The new residency, which takes place in Trinidad and Tobago, is designed to strengthen new and existing connections between creative practitioners working in the two countries. In addition to creating a platform for Smith and Hunter to expand their individual portfolios, the long-term vision is to continue explorations between both artists and to foster an ongoing engagement with local artists and artist spaces such as Alice Yard (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad). Source:—A-Memorandum-of-Understanding-between-two-artists

Repeating Islands readers can follow the progress of MOU via the weekly ‘Notes from MOU’ which Dominique Hunter writes for Pepperpot, the Sundaymagazine of the Guyana Chronicle.

July 9: The Beginning of a New Artist-Led Initiative

July 15: Adjusting to a Different Pace

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