El Museo Del Barrio’s Uptown Bounce: Ashé (and “Pimp My Piragua”)


El Museo Del Barrio and the Museum of the City of New York are sponsoring the UPTOWN BOUNCE with Ashé (a free summer block party) takes place this Wednesday, July 19, from 6:00 to 9:00pm at El Museo Del Barrio (1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street). Explore art exhibitions through gallery talks and tours, participate in art-making workshops, dance, listen to music, enjoy food by Mofon-GO, and have some piraguas, courtesy of Miguel Luciano and his mobile public art project Pimp My Piragua (photo above). See more information at UPTOWN and below:

El Museo kicks off Uptown Bounce with Ashé (or àse)! Learn more about the African philosophical concept through which the Yoruba people of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change, and create your own wearable art inspired by the symbols that are found in the artwork of our featured artist Belkis Ayón. DJ Bembona will spin some Latinx & Afro-Diasporadical sounds. Featuring food on sale by Mofon-GO.

As a collaboration for the Uptown triennial, artist Miguel Luciano will ride his custom-built piragua cart from The Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University, where it’s currently on view, to El Museo del Barrio where he will serve his specialty treats for this event. Pimp My Piragua, 2009, is a mobile public art project that commemorates the innovations of Latino street vendors, while transforming a traditional pushcart for selling shaved ice (Piraguas) into a hyper-modified pushcart-tricycle with a hi-fi sound and video system.

Across the street at the Museum of the City of New York (1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St, mcny.org), artist Jason Lazarus, who is currently in residence at Hunter East Harlem Gallery, will lead A CENTURY OF DISSENT! a sign-making workshop to produce posters drawn from a century of protests in Upper Manhattan, inspired by photographs from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York.

Lazarus, HEHG, and the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance are also collaborating with the Uptown triennial by organizing “ALL UPTOWN ARTIST GROUP PORTRAIT” in Marcus Garvey Park on Saturday, August 5. Click HERE for more details.

For more information, visit http://www.columbia.edu/cu/wallach/exhibitions/Uptown_MuseodelBarrio.html

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