Call for Papers: “Transition Magazine” on Afro-Latin America

lesombremalenbo_43.06mcp_0018A call for submissions—including essays, creative writing, and visual arts—has been posted for a special issue of Transition (Winter 2018).

Description: The last two decades have witnessed the expansion and increased visibility of Afro-Latin American social movements within Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, and beyond. For the first time, a special issue of Transition (Winter 2018) will be completely dedicated to Afro-Latin America. The issue focuses on recent and contemporary sociopolitical, economic and cultural struggles for visibility, empowerment, and justice.

Our goal is to generate a continuous south-to-north dialogue that represents the diverse ideas, voices, achievements, and challenges of Afro-Latin American communities everywhere. We invite Afro-descendant writers, artists, and academics, or anyone who explores themes about Afro-Latin American life in their work to participate. We will consider creative writing as well as critical or journalistic essays in Spanish, Portuguese and/or English.

Creative Writing: (Ex., short stories, poetry, plays etc.) that examine topics related to the experiences, histories and challenges of the Afro-Latin American world and its relations with the diaspora in general. We expect creative pieces of high narrative prose that are rich in description and attentive to rhetorical devices.
Essays: We will also consider critical or journalistic essays that discuss current issues related to Afro-Latin American populations. For example, social and cultural movements, activism, marginalization and racism.
Visual Art: We also wish to publish original art (Ex., painting, photography, sculpture, installations, theater etc.) that is thoughtful and provocative, and that explores political, cultural, historical or spiritual issues about Afro-Latin America.

** There is no guarantee of publication even after making revisions. Final decisions are made by our editorial board.

For any inquiries please contact Laura Correa Ochoa, editor of this issue, at


[Artwork above: Wifredo Lam’s “The Sombre Malembo,” 1943; private collection: The Rudman Trust. Source:]


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