New Edition: “El libro de la rabia”


According to Librería Laberinto (in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico) Ediciones Callejón has released a second edition of El libro de la rabia (2013; 2017), a novel by Juan Antonio Ramos (Puerto Rico).

Writer Francisco Font Acevedo describes it as “An agile, humorous novel that combines tragicomedy and some detective intrigue” and, as the subtitle—Una novela para aprender a reírse en los peores momentos [A novel to learn how to laugh at the worst moments—suggests, “it is a subtle parody of self-help books.”

Description: After his divorce, Alberto decides to reorganize his life through its similarities with all the cinematographic production stored in its head. Thus, between adventures with Winonas and Barbies, a murder he must investigate, and the rediscovery of his teenage children, Alberto is torn between the loneliness of his apartment and opening up to a wild and unknown part of his life.

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