Social movements: Launch of the 2017 People’s Summer Program in Montrouis, Haiti


AlterPresse reports that a People’s University summer school program on social movements began yesterday, Sunday, July 9) and runs through Friday, July 20, 2017, in Montrouis (north of Port-au-Prince), organized around the theme “Yon mouvman sosyal vanyan pou yon lὸt Ayiti” [A strong social movement for another Haiti]. Here are excerpts from the original post [my translation]:

Reflections produced on this topic will allow us to evaluate work that has been previously carried out, the problems that need to be faced in the future, and the challenges still must be met, with a view to producing a “strong social movement,” according to Freud Jean, coordinator of the Program for an Alternative for Justice [Programme pour une alternative de justice (PAJ)], one of the entities involved in the organization of activities. [. . .] “If we want to have a social transformation, the social movement must be strong. And if we want to have a strong social movement, we must know its history,” he said, referring to all the struggles (political, economic, social, and cultural) carried out by the Haitian population since the country’s independence.

Organized each year on a specific theme for over 15 years, this Summer People’s University returns for a new cycle (since 2014) which consists of defining a three-year program, he says.

“One of the roles of the People’s University is to develop knowledge and popular knowledge and connect it with other forms of scientific knowledge developed in traditional universities and academies, among others,” said Camille Chalmers, Executive Director of the Haitian Advocacy Platform for Alternative Development [Plateforme haïtienne de plaidoyer pour un développement alternatif (PAPDA)].

[. . .] The People’s University will be the framework for an “in-depth analysis” of the national and international situation as well as a space for reflection on the economy, communication, and women’s rights. Last year’s People’s University summer program centered social and economic solidarity.

Other organizations that have been involved in the movement besides PAPDA and PAJ are the Karl LévêqueCultural Institute [L’Institut culturel Karl Lévêque (LCKL)], the Institute for Technology and Animation [L’Institut de technologie et d’animation (ITECA)], Haitan Women’s Solidarity [Solidarite fanm ayisyen (SOFA)] and the Society for the Promotion of Social Participation and Communication [Sosyete animasyon ak kominikasyon sosyal (SAKS).

For full article, see AlterPresse at

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