Caribbean Youth Film Festival opens in July


The Festival is Open to Anyone Aged 35 or Younger, from July 24 to Aug. 12.

The fifth annual Caribbean Youth Film Festival will open later this month.

Since its inception five years ago, it’s popularity has traversed local boundaries, piquing the interest of young filmmakers in the wider Caribbean.

Colin Weekes, founder and director of the festival, said participation has grown from local to regional with an abundance of interest from the youth of the Eastern Caribbean and beyond.

“The festival is now open to the Caribbean and more people are aware of it and are participating, and it shows you the strength and eagerness that budding artistes have, and the potential for this industry to grow,” Mr Weekes said. “We do not have any problems in respect to people wanting to participate, infact we may well be a little too slow, but its important to take things in stride, and that’s what we are doing. We want to ensure that we have a solid foundation, and that we are not influxed with activities that we can not handle.”

Mr Weekes said the process for entering the festival is simple.

“It has always been a free festival so that everybody can be exposed. The rules are easy. Technology is at our finger tips and we want the youth to use it in a positive way, so it can be via the use of a phone or DSLR camera. Applicants will make a film no longer than 15 minutes, upload it through any medium or send it via email, and voila, you are part of the festival.”

As part of the festival, a range of free workshops will be held throughout Saint Lucia where participants can become acquainted with all aspects of film making, including acting, lighting and screen writing.

The festival is open to anyone aged 35 or younger, from July 24 to Aug. 12. For information contact Colin Weekes at 758.520.4814 or

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