MP seeks to develop ecotourism along way to Bob Marley’s St Ann home


Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna, thinks it is a good idea to offer a fuller experience for the countless visitors that come from all over the world journey to Nine Miles, St. Ann, to tour the home where Bob Marley was born and to pay respects at his mausoleum. Hanna states that the trip takes them through the hills, where one can find some of the most scenic views on the island as well as authentic Jamaican experiences that are largely unexplored. Hanna has already secured funding for an initial project and has reached out to the Marley family. Shanice Watson reports for The Star:

The MP has taken the initiative to implement a rest stop starting with six shops and a sports field, which includes a cricket pitch in one of the communities, called Alderton. [. . .] “The buses come through so often, and they go from, sometimes, St Ann’s Bay straight up to Nine Miles and there is really nowhere along the way [to stop]. My goal is to really develop my constituency into a nice ecotourism friendly place, where we can have little eateries, little stops,” Hanna said. “My goal is to be able to also give tourists a real, authentic feel of what rural Jamaica is like. There are craft vendors who are from that area, who make beautiful craft baskets. They’d be able to do tours and see some of our farms where we plant lettuce and other cash crops. They’d also be able to get a good little wood-fire curried goat or some jerk chicken.”

Hanna said she has already finalised plans with the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO), and work on the project could begin in six weeks. [. . .]

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