Exhibition: “Animation + Printing”


Puerto Rican artist Poli Marichal is one of the artists featured in ANIMATION + PRINTING, an exhibition of short animated films, which opens July 12 at The Center for Book Arts (28 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor). Organized by professors Barbara Tetenbaum (Oregon College of Art and Craft) and Marilyn Zornado (Pacific Northwest College of Art), the exhibition runs from July 12 to September 23, 2017.

The exhibition includes artists who participated in the Southern Graphics Council International Conference 2016 that took place in Portland, Oregon. Artist Poli Marichal participated with the short Corazón errante [Wandering Heart], which deals with the world crisis in a subjective way, and in which the moving image carries the message without a need for dialogue or narration. Here are some pictures of the film and the promo material sent to me from the Center for Book Arts. Marichal has been presenting her animated short films in museums and galleries across Puerto Rico and the United States. [See detail from her work below; image provided by the artist.]


Description: This exhibition presents a selection of short animated films from around the US and the world, each created using techniques common in the book arts such as letterpress printing from moveable type, wood type, pressure printing, lino and wood cut, etching, silkscreen as well as animation in watermarked paper. These films represent a new territory for Book/Print artists and are interesting not only because of their technical production, but because we see printmakers trying their hand at animation, and animators trying their hand at print techniques and many for the first time.

Artists include Allison Bianco, Sarah McDermott & Martine Workman, Arron Foster, Bridget Henry, Catherine Cartwright, Catherine Michaelis, Christine Medley, Claire McLaughlin, Claire Baillie-Cloke & Angie Butler, Claire Fouquet & Patty Smith, David Wischer, Devon Damonte, Drew Christie, Elena Fowler, Eliza Evans, Emily Larned, Emily Martin, Emily Alden Foster & Amy Burek, Erin Paulson, H.R. Buechler, Wuon-Gean Ho, Izzy Liberti, Jennifer Linton, Jörg Petri, Judith Poirier, Karen Oremus, Kyle Durrie, Lilli Carré, Lynn Peterfreund, Mary Becker, Melissa Brown, Michael Walsh, Nicholas Price, Poli Marichal, Radha Pandey, Rob Bekuhrs, Ruth Hayes, Sarah Nicholls, Saskia Jetten, Travis Janssen, Troy Patterson, Vanessa Cruz & Sheila Goloborotko, Vera Sebert, Victoria Squire & Louise Evans, Vida Saçic, Vinicius de Aguiar Sanchez, and Gini Wade.

For more information, see http://centerforbookarts.org/event/animation-printing/

[Image above: Lilli CARRE’s “Like-A-Lantern.”]

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