Dominican-American Miosotis Familia, NYPD officer killed in police vehicle, was mother of three

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A report by Molly Crane-Newman, Esha Ray and Terence Cullen for the New York Daily News.

Slain NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia spent much of her too short life looking out for others.

Familia, 48, was the devoted mother of three — and took care of her elderly mom, according to a Bronx neighbor. She spent five years as a nurse at New York University Hospital, and another two working for the American Red Cross.

Familia changed careers in June 2005, spending the last 12 years of her life keeping New York City safe as a well-regarded member of the police department.

“Fully knowing the dangers that she faced, she suited up in uniform every day and stood tall against those who threaten and terrorize the good folks of the Bronx,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Associated head Patrick Lynch after her Wednesday slaying.

Familia, one of 10 siblings, was raised in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, although her family’s roots are in the Dominican Republic.

Her mourning mother “says she’s in a lot of pain,” said family friend Isabel Roman after talking to the family matriarch. “She’s very sad. Her mother and I were very, very close friends.”

A Bronx neighbor was devastated to hear of the NYPD veteran’s execution by an ex-con.

“Oh my God,” she told the Daily News. “How horrendous. I’m shocked out of my mind. “I just spoke with her three days ago — our life, our kids, whatever.”

Familia was the mother of a 20-year-old daughter and 12-year-old twins — a boy and a girl, sources said. The neighbor said she tended to her aging mother, too.

“She was a lovely, dear woman,” the neighbor said. “I’m absolutely overwhelmed with grief.”

A shattered window and bullet hole is visible on the police vehicle (l.).

Familia was also a member of the NYPD’s Dominican Officers Association, where president Raysa Galvez recalled her as a role model who never turned her back on anyone in need.

“There is not one single negative thing that anyone can say about her,” said Galvez. “That’s not because of her death — that’s just her nature.

“She was always overextending herself to people. Always willing to help. Just look at her face. She was humble. That’s who she is.”

The feelings of anger, shock and disbelief were heavy at the 46th Precinct, where Familia was stationed.

“Some of the cops, it has not hit them yet,” said Galvez. “They’re doing their jobs, but some are cold. They have no reaction because it’s just settling in.”

In addition to her time as a nurse and as a Red Cross medical assistant, Familia attended Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.

She later majored in applied sciences and psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice between 2007-09.

Local resident Maria Ramos, 51, came to the 46th Precinct to light a candle for the slain officer. She recounted running into Familia on the Fourth of July, just hours before the killing.

“She was a nice person, she wasn’t mean,” said Ramos, bursting into tears. “I heard what happened this morning. It really touched me because I knew her. I knew her.”

Bodega workers Diomedes Martinez, 58, recalled Familia as an upbeat presence popping in for breakfast after working the night shift.

“She used to come in and say hi all the time,” said Martinez. “She was a very nice person. She always ordered a coffee and a roll.”


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