Mémorial ACTe Exhibition: «Darboussier au cœur des migrations II»


Mémorial ACTe presents the exhibition “Darboussier au cœur des migrations II” [Darboussier at the heart of migrations], which will be on view from July 1 through September 3, 2017. This is a second iteration of an exhibition, which took place in Fall 2015. This is one of the many upcoming events by Mémorial ACTe being held in celebration of its second anniversary. [This exhibition has a fee of 5 and 3 €. The museum is located at Rue Raspail, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe.]

Jacques Martial, President of Mémorial ACTe explains:

Mémorial ACTe sheds light on history. It inspires us for the future.

How was modern Guadeloupean society formed? This is the subject of the exhibition “Darboussier au cœur des migrations.”

Darboussier. The mere mention of this name brings back a flood of memories to the minds of many of our elders. Darboussier. A page of our contemporary history. Darboussier. The time afterwards, that of post-slavery immigration.

While sugar production became industrialized in the second half of the 19th century, planters and millers used foreign labor to replace the slave labor of the newly liberated slaves.

And Darboussier, from simple plantation in the eighteenth century, became the most important sugar factory of the Lesser Antilles. A model in the new era of industrial societies that led to a tremendous movement of people around the world.

India, Syria, Lebanon, Italy, Madeira, Cape Verde, Congo, Gabon, China, Indo-China, Palestine, Japan, etc.—with tens of thousands of women and men, laborers, employed, having signed contracts—sell their labor force to these new enterprises of which Darboussier is model. All trying to create a better life, alongside and similar to former slaves, these tens of thousands of people would lay down roots and offer Guadeloupe today its most beautiful face, that of our diversity.

“Darboussier au cœur des migrations” will tell you about the journeys of these women and men, our ancestors, our neighbors, who created a society and a culture where life together is a beating heart, Guadeloupean society. [. . .]

For full description and more information, see http://memorial-acte.fr/

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