Lin-Manuel Miranda debuts star-studded ‘Immigrants’ video

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A report by Kate Feldman for the New York Daily News.


Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” debuted a new single off “The Hamilton Mixtape” Wednesday with a powerful message behind it.

The song, “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done),” comes from a lyric from the “Hamilton” song “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” and features rappers K’naan, Residente, Riz MC (Riz Ahmed) and Snow Tha Product — respectively, a Somali Canadian, a Puerto Rican, a British Pakistani and a Mexican-American.

The music video focuses on immigrants around the country, working in sweat shops and on farms, as well as imagery of ICE raids.

“This election cycle has brought xenophobia and vilification of immigrants back to the forefront of US politics,” Miranda wrote on Genius.

“This is a musical counterweight.”

This week, he also launched the “Ham4All” contest, which encourages fans to donate $10 to an immigrant rights coalition, organized by the Hispanic Federation.

The federation says online that its goal is to “provide life-changing services — legal representation, advocacy, and ‘know your rights’ awareness campaigns, and much more — to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who come to us in search of the American Dream.”

Donors who also post videos of themselves singing “Hamilton” songs online will be entered into a contest to win tickets to the show’s Los Angeles opening on Aug. 11.


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