Film: Lucinda Spurling’s “The Mother of all Secrets”


Bernews reports that a trailer was recently released for Bermudian director Lucinda Spurling’s feature-length thriller The Mother of all Secrets. [See trailer at Bernews.]

The movie, filmed in Bermuda, features many of Bermuda’s resorts and attractions including the Southampton Princess, Coral Beach, and Harbourfront Restaurant.

[. . .] In the film, US State Senator “Jackson” (Sean Stolzen) goes missing while on vacation in Bermuda with his pregnant girlfriend “Aubrey” (Kate Mansi). It appears he got cold feet and walked out, but Aubrey is convinced there is a darker reason and isn’t prepared to give up on her family so easily. Aubrey soon learns that his estranged and manipulative mother (D’Agostino) is on the island and knows a lot more about her son’s disappearance than she is letting on. [. . .]

Director Lucinda Spurling is an award-winning Bermudian filmmaker best known for directing the 2006 feature documentary ‘Rare Bird’ and 2007 documentary, narrated by Michael Douglas, ‘The Lion and the Mouse.’ In 2002 she started her own independent film production company ‘Afflare Films’ whose productions range from commercials, dramas to documentaries for local museums.

Mother of all Secrets will be available later this year.

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