Program Change: “Caribbean In/Securities and Creativity: Diasporic Dialogues”


We recently-announced the upcoming 8th International Conference “Caribbean In/Securities and Creativity: Diasporic Dialogues,” organized by the Centre for Caribbean and Diaspora Studies at Goldsmiths-University of London—which promotes collaborative work within Caribbean and Diaspora Studies and specialize in the study of Caribbean and diasporic literatures—in collaboration with Caribbean In/Securities: Creativity and Negotiation in the Caribbean (CARISCC), an international research network based at the University of Birmingham, which seeks to explore the interactions between the precariousness of insecure livelihoods and neighborhoods and the negotiation of risk through creativity in a Caribbean context.

With a slight change in programming, the keynote speakers for this event will now be Professor Hazel Carby and visual artist Hew Locke.

The conference will take place on Sunday, June 25, and Monday, June 26, 2017 at The Knowledge Centre, British Library (at 96 Euston Road), London, United Kingdom. This two-day event will include a conference and an art/research exhibition speaking to the theme of Caribbean and diasporic dialogues. [See our previous post Extended Deadline for Caribbean Insecurities and Creativity Diasporic Dialogues/ and the British Library events page.]

Following the conference, there will be a special screening and panel discussion of Giulia Amati’s Shashamane: On the Trail of the Promised Land. The panel discussion will include Giulia Amati (multiple award-winning filmmaker), Errol Brown (brother of Ras Mweya Masimba, animation artist featured in the film), Pat Noxolo (University of Birmingham lecturer and lead investigator of the Caribbean In/securities and Creativity Network (CARISCC); and Ronald Cummings (lecturer at Brock University and member of the CARISCC network).

[Conference fee—£40—includes lunch and refreshments on both days.]

For full program, see

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