Alicia Alonso: Trump’s new measures “assault principles of friendship and harmony”


The grande dame of Cuban ballet Alicia Alonso says that the hardening of policies towards Havana announced by U.S. President Donald Trump represents “a step backwards” and an “aggression” to the relations between both governments, according to this article by Diario de Cuba:

[Alicia Alonso] director of the National Ballet of Cuba, who is currently with the company on a tour of Spain, issued a statement on Trump’s recent pronouncements, published by Prensa Latina. “The recent measures announced by the US ruler are an aggression to the principles of friendship and harmony between our peoples,” she said. She also expressed her support for the message sent by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) to U.S. intellectuals asking them to reject Washington’s recent about-face. In this regard, she referred to the desire to continue working with them “in order to develop a fruitful relationship in the cultural field, built on the basis of equality, which will favor the mutual spiritual enrichment of both nations.”

According to Alonso, the new regulations represent “a step back” in the process of normalization of relations initiated in 2014 between Raul Castro and Barack Obama. “We have countless friends in that country, who we know are optimistic and hopeful for all the steps that may be taken to bring our peoples closer together, in frienship. [. . .]

For full article (in Spanish), see

One thought on “Alicia Alonso: Trump’s new measures “assault principles of friendship and harmony”

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