New Book: “Mi novia preferida fue un bulldog francés”


Librería Laberinto (formerly, Librería La Tertulia) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, recently announced the availability of the new book Mi novia preferida fue un bulldog francés [My Favorite Girlfriend Was a French Bulldog]—Alfaguara, 2017—by Cuban writer Legna Rodríguez Iglesias. Yoandi Cabrera (Diario de Cuba) describes the author: “Rule-breaking, irreverent, eccentric, a monster of aplomb [. . .] Legna is also a great worker of words: these may be whimsical, smiling, mysterious, and above all, fragile.”

Description: The “Legna tsunami,” a new and powerful voice from Cuba with a radical, modern style unlike any other, talks to us about sex, love, politics, and daily life in Cuba like it has never been discussed.

What does leaving your homeland entail? How about returning? Writing? Stealing? Lying? Betraying? Killing, if necessary? The interconnected stories that make up this book explore contradictions in old Cuba and new Cuba, where politics, culture, family, love, sex, and bureaucracy intermix to make a complex, implacable universe.

A woman killed by her husband after an infidelity, a girl who might be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, a dog who tells about the life of her master, her loves and her breakups. These are some of the protagonists in this book, a constellation of heterogeneous beings fighting to escape the limitations that their lives impose: all the secrets and lies, the omnipresent violence, an undiagnosed and unbearable pain, and the fear of being the subject of vengeance.

With Mi novia preferida fue un bulldog francés, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias has created a brave, free piece, hilarious and deep at the same time, that narrates the struggle that we all undertake to reveal to the world our true essence, what we are above all else, despite all those who try to stop us.

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