Kingston: Jazz ‘N Cabaret in the Gardens


Jazz ‘N Cabaret will take place on June 25, 2017, starting at 6:00pm, in the Gardens at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston, Jamaica. In “The ‘Doctor’ Is In For Jazz ‘N Cabaret in The Gardens,” The Gleaner reports on the upcoming performance by medical doctor, comic, public orator and social commentator, Dr. Michael Abrahams, “as he takes his place among the ‘Professionals’”—the theme for the next installment of the series.

Abrahams, whose, No Chik-V, plug on behalf of the Ministry of Health has attracted the likes of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is known for his witty and often irreverent takes on life, including well-intentioned jabs at organised religion, politicians and how both men and women seek to impress each other.

He will be sharing the ‘Professionals’ stage with veteran attorney and vocalist Hugo Barrington, whose, Lordie Lordie, and Loving is a Thing, are staples of Jamaican pop; Dr Kathy Brown, whose prowess as a keyboardist continually ascends new heights and musical professional Dwight Richards, the multi-talented vocalist-trumpeter-bandleader, who effortlessly brings audiences to their feet in just about any setting.

This edition of Jazz ‘N Cabaret  in the Gardens, will also see the likes of gospel crooners Urimm 7, the effervescent cabaret artist Dje, (pronounced ‘de-ji’), Suzanne McGregor and bassist Kadeem Leslie, all “youngsters” who have been busy making their mark in the multifaceted Kingston cabaret and corporate show scenes.

The inimitable Michael Anthony Cuffe, will take the audience through the proceedings as emcee, with the exciting Pon Fyah band, a powerful draw in their own right, supporting the acts on stage. [. . .]

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[Photo above: Michael Abrahams as the “Miserable Jamaican” (VW Ad Spoof).]

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