The Haitian Creole Science Encyclopedia


Educa Vision recently announced a ten-volume Science Encyclopedia in Haitian Creole: Ansiklopedi Syans. It is meant to be a child-friendly resource, with full-color photographs, facts, statistics, and profiles of scientists and explorers who have transformed the world of science.

Description: The Haitian Creole Science Encyclopedia (Ansiklopedi Syans ak Educa Vision) is the first Haitian Creole encyclopedia for children. It teaches essential concepts for elementary school science instruction and helps students transition from elementary to middle grades. From basic objects in the sky, life cycles, properties of earth materials to more advanced structures of living systems, forces, motion, and technology. Students will find what they need for classroom studies as well as independent learning and exploring.

The encyclopedia covers key science curriculum topics including physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, technology and mathematics. The Ansiklopedi Syans ak Educa Vision has been created and verified by a board of experts to ensure objectivity and accuracy. It contains stunning illustrations, photos, innovative graphics and accessible text with fun facts and key information, making it easy to learn about animals, famous historical figures, planets, climate change, and more.

The encyclopedia is divided into 10 volumes: 1. Lavi Moun (Human Life), 2. Lavi Animal (Animal Life), 3. Lavi Plant (Plant Life), 4. Syans Latè (Earth Science), 5. Chimi (Chemistry), 6. Fizik (Physics), 7. Astwonomi ak Lespas (Astronomy and Space), 8. Matematik (Mathematics), 9. Teknoloji (Technology) and 10. Endèks ak Glosè (Cumulative Index and Glossary). Each volume brings a wide range of topics to life.

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