Jennifer Lopez and Gente de Zona: “Ni tú ni yo”


According to Direct Lyrics and Cibercuba, Puerto Rican singer Jennifer Lopez is moving forward with her new Spanish album. As a fan of Gente de Zona, I was excited to learn that one of her pieces is a collaboration with this Cuban duo. Cuba Urbano Noticias shared a sneak peak of a live rendition of “Ni tú ni yo” in April of this year. Here are excerpts from Cibercuba:

Although we already had the opportunity to hear the melody of “Ni tú ni yo,” in which the U.S. singer Jennifer Lopez collaborates with the Cuban group Gente de Zona, everything points to the fact that soon we will also be able to enjoy the premiere of the complete material [and video].

The “Bronx Diva” herself has shared a photograph in her profile of Instagram where she appears next to the reggaetoneros that has accompanied the text: “Get ready / Get ready”.

Aunque ya tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer cómo suena la melodía de “Ni tu ni yo”, en el que colabora la cantante norteamericana Jennifer Lopez con la agrupación cubana Gente de Zona, todo apunta a que próximamente podremos disfrutar también del estreno del material al completo.

La propia “Diva del Bronx” ha compartido una fotografía en su perfil de Instagram donde aparece junto a los reguetoneros que ha acompañado del texto: “Prepárate / Get ready”.

See (in Spanish) and (in English).

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