Bermuda’s MP Shawn Crockwell Dead


On June 10, the Bermuda Police Service announced the death of MP Shawn Crockwell, saying that he was “found in an unresponsive state at a Hamilton parish residence” and that “a full enquiry regarding the sudden death of Mr. Crockwell is now underway.” Many people have been paying tribute to the well-known lawyer and MP. Here are excerpts from Bernews:

[. . .] Opposition Leader David Burt said, “The members of the Progressive Labour Party are stunned and deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of one of Bermuda’s honourable sons Shawn Crockwell. Shawn was a rare man of conviction and courage; when communing with him, you could clearly see that God granted Shawn the courage to promote, defend, and pursue his convictions regardless of the favour or foul of any observer. I believe Shawn’s life was a testament to the heights that can be attained if one strives to overcome formidable obstacles. Many have convictions, fewer have the required courage to stick to them, and fewer still use those gifts to serve their fellow man. Shawn Crockwell did so both in his vocation and his profession and those he served will no doubt miss his counsel and compassion. [. . .]

[. . .] Premier Michael Dunkley said [. . .] “No one overcame his personal difficulties with more flair and accomplishment than Shawn, completing his law degree in prison and emerging to be an effective advocate for people. On the floor of the House of Assembly, he was a gifted and compelling speaker – smart, logical and passionate, always interesting. When Shawn spoke, the Chamber listened. As a Government Minister, he was effective, getting things done, and he brought razor sharp intelligence to the Cabinet table. This is a tragedy that is incomprehensible to me. Shawn was a Bermudian success story, full of promise and possibilities. I will miss him.”

[. . .] OBA Chairperson Lynne Woolridge said, [. . .] “Shawn’s enthusiasm, passion and dedication to serving the people of Bermuda was unquestioned. Shawn will be missed, but his legacy and his work to uplift all Bermudians will live on.”

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