La Borinqueña is spotlighting Puerto Rico’s social problems one issue at a time

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A report by Nivea Serrano for Entertainment.

Puerto Rico has a new superhero — and she’s about to return for her next adventure.

Marisol Rios De La Luz is La Borinqueña, the original superhero starring in a comic book of the same name, created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (Guardians of the Galaxy). The series, which starts accepting preorders for its second issue on Wednesday, tells the story of the Brooklyn-based Columbia University student coming into her powers, and her journey to become a hero during her semester abroad in Puerto Rico.

“Her origin story taps into mythology from the Tainos, the indigenous people of the island,” explains Miranda-Rodriguez of the Marisol, who is AfroLatinx, an often underrepresented sector of the larger ethnic group. “As a hero, her name is derived from what the Tainos called their home, Borikén, also the name of the current national anthem ‘La Borinqueña,’ which means ‘the Puerto Rican woman.’”

Making the comic’s creation even more special is the fact Miranda-Rodriguez has recruited a whole roster of Puerto Rican artists to help him realize Marisol’s story, including Rags Morales (Wonder Woman), Mike Hawthorne (Queen and Country), Elliot Fernandez (Harley Quinn and Power Girl), and colorist Chris Sotomayor (Ms. Marvel), among others.

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