A Glimpse Into Haiti


Lucas Chambers for The All State. You can access the original report and the full gallery of photos here.

When I was asked to accompany a group of aide workers to Haiti as their photojournalist, I jumped at the opportunity. I had never been outside of the United States, and as a student I knew it would be an invaluable learning experience. The trip, which was partially funded by APSU’s undergraduate research program, was a mere 5 days long. Besides the cultural and language differences, the fact that I had a very short window to capture images that would depict the daily lives of the Haitian people created its own challenges. While I learned immediately that I could never correctly portray the entire country in itself, I settled on trying to convey the experience of my time there.  I knew that I would have a better grasp on what it meant to be a photojournalist in a foreign country, however, I underestimated the impact that the entire experience would have on me, not only as a student, but even more as a person.



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