Devon House: Jamaica’s First Gastronomy Centre


A report from Jamaica’s Gleaner.

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, has stated that the Devon House gastronomy experience will be expanded to include a self-service kitchen, farmers’ market and food shops.

He made the announcement while launching the heritage site, located on Hope Road, St Andrew, as the island’s first gastronomy centre on Monday.

He noted that the stand-alone, self-service kitchen will not include a chef, and visitors will have the opportunity to cook their own meals after purchasing produce, meats and condiments from the farmers’ market to be located in proximity to the kitchen.

At the food shops, visitors will be able to sample a selection of the island’s cuisine, while enjoying local wines and rums. The aim is to establish Jamaica as a prime gastronomy destination.

“This is so that the world can come here to sample all types of foods. One of the things we know is that people travel to eat. In fact, the international gastronomy market is approximately US$150 billion. Eighty-eight per cent of the people who travel the world, travel primarily for food experiences,” he said.

Minister Bartlett said gastronomy tourism provides an opportunity for Jamaica to add value to the tourism sector by diversifying the product.

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