16th International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium


The 16th Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium [Coloquio Internacional Ernest Hemingway] will take place on June 15-18, 2017 at the Hemingway Museum, Finca Vigía, located in the Havana neighborhood of San Francisco de Paula, where the author wrote one of his most famous novels, The Old Man and the Sea.

The Colloquium aims to promote the exchange of information among specialists and institutions related with the museum, to discuss the most recent research on the life and work of the writer, commemorate the 80th anniversary of his first publication of To Have and Have Not and 65th anniversary of the publication of The Old Man and the Sea. This year also marks 55 years since the founding of the Ernest Hemingway Museum.

[Many thanks to Michael Connors for bringing this item to our attention. Dr. Connors will present on “The Women in Ernest Hemingway’s Life during his Cuba Years” on Saturday, June 17, at 12:30pm.]

Contacts: Email, eventos1@paradis.artex.cu; Telephone, (53-7)838 3908 / 836 5381

For original links, see http://cicees.com/16-coloquio-ernest-hemingway-en-la-habana-15-18-junio-de-2017-calling-for-papers/ and http://bside.mx/catmoncultural.com/2017/05/15/16-coloquio-internacional-de-ernest-hemingway/

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