Wyclef Jean at the America’s Cup in Bermuda


In “Wyclef sings for all generations,” Nadia Hall (The Royal Gazette) interviews singer Wyclef Jean, who performed this past weekend Saturday at the America’s Cup Village in Bermuda.

From 17 to 60 … Wyclef Jean made good on his promise that everyone would have a good time, no matter their age. The musician warmed up the congregation at the America’s Cup Village on Saturday with personal hits from the Fugees to Shakira, before inviting the women and children of the audience on stage in a bid to get even the stiffest spectator moving. His efforts paid off — a tour through the crowd left fans grinning from ear to ear.

Wyclef said he was excited to play for a Bermuda audience again in his second performance on the island since the 2009 Music Festival. “Bermuda is very music-orientated. They appreciate instruments,” said the musician who plays more than seven instruments including the piano, the drums and guitar.

A classic rendition of Killing Me Softly had everyone singing along. “Versus producing Lauryn Hill, I’m producing you the crowd,” he said. “You get your own karaoke that night.“The music that we do, somehow a 17-year-old could show up, a 60-year old could show up and it doesn’t matter they both want to have a good time.” As promised, his set list ranged from “the era of cassettes and vinyls [to ] “the era of streaming” — from the Jackson Five to Major Lazer.

Ever evolving his sound, his song Hendrix speaks to “the trap generation”, while the latest EP J’Ouvert is for the millennials.


He welcomed Caribbean culture’s surge into the mainstream. “Production-wise it’s so innovative right now. America music is dictated by Caribbean music now. “You hear more of the reggae, you can hear the calypso, you can hear the soca — all of this in pop culture. The fashion, the music, Caribbean — we it, baby.”

A champion, too, of Bermudian talent — he has worked with singer Hannah Eggen, since she first joined him on stage seven years ago.

“Hannah is incredible. Her versatility is definitely incredible and I think in the future the world is going to hear a lot of her. she’s one of those go-getters. Every day she’s getting better. America’s a very competitive place, but she’s go that Bermuda grind in her.” [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.royalgazette.com/lifestyle/article/20170529/wyclef-sings-for-all-generations

Also see https://www.americascup.com/tickets?gclid=CNmnncvdltQCFd6PswodZ70KoQ

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