Reminder: “I Love My Selfie” Launch


Adál Maldonado (AKA ADÁL) Ilan Stavans will be at the Raúl Julia Theater (Puerto Rico Museum of Art) tomorrow, May 31, at 5:30pm, to launch their new book, I Love My Selfie, with photographs by Maldonado and essays by Stavans.

For all “selfie” fans, the artist has invited everyone to take a selfie during the presentation and share it on the Facebook page, GO F_CK YOUR Selfie ( in celebration of what he calls “National Selfie Day.” Attendees will have their selfies projected on the big screen at Raúl Julia Theater with the hashtag #DiadelSelfiePR.


[Also see previous posts Puerto Rico Museum to Launch “I Love My Selfie,” Forthcoming: Adal Maldonado / Ilan Stavans’ “I Love my Selfie”/ and Launch for “I Love my Selfie”/.]

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