“Queen of Latin Soul” La Lupe to Be Honored


Billboard’s Judy Cantor-Navas reports on an upcoming tribute to Cuban singer La Lupe, whose real name was Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond. She will be posthumously honored by the City College Center for the Arts (CCCA), Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, and the Caribbean Cultural Center with a screening, a panel discussion, and a concert, “An Evening of Music Honoring the Legacy of the ‘Queen of Latin Soul,” at City College’s Aaron Davis Hall (located at West 135 Street and Convent Avenue in New York) on June 9, 2017, at 7:30pm.

The screening of the documentary La Lupe: Queen of Latin Soul will take place at the Caribbean Cultural Center on June 4, at 7:30pm, and the panel discussion—“Demystifying a Diva: The Truth Behind the Myth of La Lupe”—will be held at Pregones Theater on June 7, at 7:30pm. 

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Cantor-Navas writes: La Bruja (Caridad de la Luz), Calma Carmona and Nina Rodríguez, three singers with soulful vocals and theatrical stage presence that would make La Lupe proud, will perform songs from her repertoire of boleros, salsa, son and boogaloo numbers.

Soulful, wildly seductive, often outrageous, definitely original, and by all accounts intense, La Lupe was an icon of the legendary New York City Latin scene of the ’60s and ’70s. Best known for smoking torch songs she recorded for salsa label Fania, the Afro-Cuban singer made her U.S. album debut performing with the great percussionist Mongo Santamaria and recorded five albums with Tito Puente before releasing 18 solo records.

Description (from the CCCA): The creative interpretive form of La Lupe spoke to the power of self-realization and power of her unique voice – her unique presence. The talent of the power house known as La Lupe “La Yiyiyi” appeared on stage, some have said before her time and others because of the time, open the pathways for the transformative articulation of today’s African descendant women on stage and in the world.

What her superwoman pose, her silver lame outfits, her white ensembles proudly stating her African based Yoruba religion she fearlessly and bodaciously eluded the beauty of being of African descent, being Cuban and of the World. The electricity she sent out said unapologetically see me, see my beauty, my talent and my uniqueness, I am who I am – La Lupe!

Three cultural organizations have come together to pay tribute to the Afro-Latina, the Afro Cuban Diaspora women called “La Lupe.”  City College Center for the Arts (CCCA), Pregones Theater and the Caribbean Cultural Center are united in tribute to a talent that relished in the pride of her talent, creativity and self-transformation as she developed her unique style and public presence.  Similar to un-replicable stars like Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross, Eartha Kitt, there is no duplicate, there is no other there is only La Lupe –“La Yiyiyi.”

In our understanding of the importance of her dynamic influence our institutions have asked three talented young women admirers of “La Lupe” to join in a tribute to her.  We are honored to present Caridad de La Luz “La Bruja” Nina Rodriguez and Calma Carmona director from Puerto Rico in a tribute concert to La Lupe.  Audiences will travel back in time at the beginning of the concert listening to early Cuban recordings of La Diva made possible by Fania Records.  This concert focuses on the period of the 1960’s and 1970’s when La Lupe awaked the world with her genius.

Listen to La Lupe sing “Fever,” one of her signature songs at the end of the article: “’Queen of Latin Soul’ La Lupe to Be Honored With NYC Concert.

For more information, see original announcement at http://citycollegecenterforthearts.org/shows/la-diva-la-lupe-2017/

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