Call for Submissions: MNA 2018—Sculpture


Javier Martínez (Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist) recently posted a call for submissions via Autogiro. The Plastic Arts Program [Programa de Artes Plásticas (PAP)] of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) is calling for proposals for the selection process of their 2018 National Arts Exhibition [Muestra Nacional de Arte (MNA 2018)]. The exhibition will focus on sculpture. Any Puerto Rican artist (including those living abroad) or foreign artist who has resided in Puerto Rico during the past five (5) years may participate. [The call excludes anyone working for the ICP.] Up to two (2) works may be submitted for consideration and submissions must be work made in the last two years (2015-2017). The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 1, 2017, at 4:00pm (no exceptions to the deadline). See description below and detailed guidelines (in Spanish) at Autogiro.

Description: Starting with Picasso and Duchamp, the incorporation of the object revolutionized modern and contemporary sculpture. The industrial materials that emerged, later allowed for a more comprehensive three-dimensional discourse. In Puerto Rico, figures such as Rafael Villamil and Julio Micheli, among others, cultivated the picto-sculpture. Others, such as Domingo Izquierdo and Roberto Alberty, were inclined towards more conceptual works, opening new paths in the sixties. Abstraction had its masters in sculpture among renowned artists like Luis Hernández Cruz, Pablo Rubio, and Antonio Navia. Later, sculpture arrives at a peak of maturity as a result of artists and educators Tomás Batista and Rafael López del Campo, who infused in subsequent generations the possibilities of opening the spectrum. Hence, we see sculptors such as María Elena Perales, Melquíades Rosario Sastre, Adelino González, ceramists Julio Suárez, Lorraine de Castro, Sylvia Blanco, and many others, to many contemporary artists including as Linda S. Pintor, Arnaldo Morales, Charles Juhasz Alvarado, Ana Rosa Rivera, among others.

The Plastic Arts Program resumes the National Exhibition of Arts reflecting on one of the disciplines of the plastic arts, sculpture. Although Puerto Rico has an extensive sculptural tradition, there has not been an event in the last three decades convening the exponents of this discipline. It is important to show the extraordinary development of sculpture in our country. This sample will consider both the adequacy, the technique to manage the space and the resources used.

For guidelines, see

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