A post by Peter Jordens.


The 17th International Human Rights Film Festival (FICDH is the acronym in Spanish) will be held from May 31 to June 7, 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The following two Caribbean films will be competing in the category of ‘Latin American Documentaries’:

El silencio de los Fusiles [When the Guns Go Silenced]

Colombia, 2016, Natalia Orozco Rojas, 110 minutes


Synopsis: After half a century of armed struggle and more than 8 million victims, the FARC and the Colombian government decide to enter into dialogue and end decades of violence. This documentary follows the difficult negotiations up close and reveals the fears, questions and contradictions facing the representatives on both sides of the risky battle for peace.


Si Bondye vle, Yuli [God Willing, Yuli]

Dominican Republic/Haiti, 2015, Jean Jean, 70 minutes



Synopsis: Yuli is a Haitian woman who has lived undocumented in the Dominican Republic for more than 35 years. Her life has been a constant struggle to raise her family with dignity. Today she tries to rearrange her situation in light of the normalization plan of the Dominican government. But what is it that really makes us belong to a place? How do we bond with a territory and its inhabitants?

Other Caribbean films (out of competition) at the 17th FICDH are:

Half Life (Venezuela, 2016, Pablo Zapata, 3 min)

Kuyujani Envenenado (Venezuela, 2016, Alexandra Henao, 87 min)

Chocolate de Paz (Colombia, 2016, Gwen Burnyeat and Pablo Mejía Trujillo, 55 min)

Paciente (Colombia, 2015, Jorge Caballero, 73 min)

Pequeñas Voces (Colombia, 2003, Eduardo Carrillo, 75 min)

Washina Cainabi (Colombia, 2016, Luis Ángel Manjarrés, 11 min)

These films deal with human rights issues related to migration, civil war, indigenous communities, and health care. For more information, go to the FIDCH website,

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