Luis Bofill to release “Arsenio Essential”


With a career of over 30 years and four other productions in his portfolio, Cuban singer Luis Bofill will present his new album Arsenio Essential at Xtrings Studio, according to El Nuevo Herald’s Arturo Arias-Polo. The album is a tribute to Arsenio Rodríguez (Matanzas, Cuba, 1911—Los Angeles, United States, 1970) whose corpus includes more than 200 titles. His contribution was decisive in the development of son montuno. See translated excerpts from Arias-Polo’s article:

“I grew up listening to La vida es un sueño [Life is a dream] and Dile a Catalina [Tell Catalina] without having the slightest idea of who was the musical creator. However, I always knew [that these tunes] had something special that set them apart from others,” Bofill recalled, noting that “Arsenio Rodríguez was an innovator who introduced piano, congas and the use of two trumpets in the sonero ensembles he directed. He also incorporated African words into the lyrics.”

The performer attributed the idea of the creating the album to pianist Orlando Mosqueda, who took over the production and arrangements.

“At first, we only thought of adding some [Arsenio Rodríguez] songs to play in my concerts, but as we worked on it, we decided to make an album,” recalled Bofill, who recommended the songs PapaúpaBruca maniguá, immortalized by Miguelito Valdés [Mister Babalú] and a potpourri including Hacheros pa’ un paloTintoreraMami me gustóDundumbanza, and Fuego en el 23.

For original article (in Spanish), see

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