‘The Knot’ film launch in St. Lucia


Thursday May 11th saw the launch of filmmaker Davina Lee’s latest project ‘The Knot’ at the Zen Nightclub in Rodney Bay.

The film which deals with love and magic, got overwhelming positive reviews from the guests in attendance, which included the diplomatic and arts community as well as Government officials. With support from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the European Development Fund (10th EDF), production began in January 2017.

Speaking at last Thursday’s launch, OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules applauded the inspirational work of Davina Lee and was confident “The Knot’ would help further showcase to the world, the immense creativity within the Caribbean while inspiring a new generation of filmmakers. He also stated that it was important for us in the region to tell our own stories, instead of letting it be told by others.

When speaking about the process of getting the movie made, Davina Lee stressed the importance of having a great team. She referred to them as ride or die in an effort to describe how loyal and committed they were to the project, working 16 hour days back to back showing no signs of exhaustion.

She made special mention of her Production Manager Ashline Sankar- George, Assistant Director Katherine Atkinson, Director of Photography Erick Claux-Bertini and her mother Jacintha Annius-Lee who served both as an actress and a financial supporter of the project. She made it clear that without them and their commitment the film would not have been what she wanted it to be.

The film stars Kazia Aurelien who also worked with Lee on her last project “The Coming of Org”, Naja Simeon, Jacintha Annius-Lee and Stephenson Anius. In describing the actors performance, the director stated that they all embodied their roles fully after weeks of getting to know their characters from the inside out.

According to actress Kazia Aurelien “Working on The Knot was a rewarding experience that gave me an opportunity to add another project to my growing list of accomplishments. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I knew that Davina and the team around her was very capable of doing the task at hand and their contributions exceeded my expectations.”

Davina Lee noted the support of the Corporate community in their assistance of the Arts community. She made mention of LUCELEC, Barbay limited, Zen Night Club, Indulge Saint Lucia, Azuk Events, RJB Hotel Supplies, Fineline graphics, Envisionz photography and Bay Gardens Resorts, thanking them for their support of the film’s launch.

The film was recently officially selected for the Caribbean Lens International Film Festival which takes place in June in Los Angeles California and is currently being submitted to various festivals around the globe.

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