Countdown to the 37th International Festival of the Caribbean

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.09.43 PM.png

The 37th edition of the International Festival of the Caribbean began its countdown after the constitution of the Organizing Committee, which will be in charge of setting up the event starting next July.
Orlando Vergés, director of the Casa del Caribe, which sponsors the so-called Fiesta del Fuego (Fire Festivity), said that the theoretical space ‘Colloquium: The Caribbean that unites us’ will pay homage to the 35 years of that institution and will once again update on the currents of thought in and about the region.

The essayist emphasized the intention of representing all the provinces with samples of their traditional popular culture and the emphasis that will be put on the theatrical presentations under the aegis of the actress Fátima Patterson, National Prize of this artistic manifestation.

Vergés also referred to the dance and percussion workshop as one of the new attractions of the festival.

He informed that until mid-May, more than 600 foreign artists and scholars confirmed their presence, with Mexico and the Dominican Republic with the largest representations and the island of Bonaire with a delegation close to 200 people, to whose culture will be dedicated the Festival.

The Craft Fair that will take place at the Student House in downtown Heredia street, where Cuban and other Caribbean creators will converge, as well as the recently inaugurated headquarters of the Steel Band in El Cobre, a town of Santiago de Cuba, are among the novelties of the event.

Argentina, Germany, Bahamas, Brazil, Curaçao, Spain, Guadeloupe, Chile, Virgin Islands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, United States, Uruguay, Trinidad-Tobago, and Venezuela are among the 21 countries that will have their mark on the Festival, to be celebrated on July 3-9.

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