New Book—“L’insurrection de l’âme: Frantz Fanon”


Raphaël Confiant’s new book, L’insurrection de l’âme: Frantz Fanon, vie et mort du guerrier-silex, was published earlier this month by Caraïbéditions (2017).

Description: A volunteer in the Free French Forces during World War II, a psychiatrist, an activist for Algerian independence, a writer in El Moudjahid, a representative of the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic in Black Africa, and author of such resounding works as Peaux noires, masque blanc  and Les Damnés de la terre,  who tragically died of leukemia at 36 in a Maryland hospital, Frantz Fanon—along with Aimé Césaire and Edouard Glissant—is a world-renowned and distinguished Martinican. Raphaël Confiant tries to penetrate into the inner world of a man who was very secretive about his personal life and entirely devoted to the great causes he defended. Behind the revolutionary fighter was a human being, with doubts, hopes, suffering and joy. L’insurrection de l’âme [The Insurrection of the Soul] gives life to this imagined world for us to see and read.

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