Lydia Caesar to debut new album at concert

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A report by Alexandra Simon for Caribbean Life.

She’s coming back home.

Singer and songwriter Lydia Caesar is opening a concert at Milk River on May 18. The Missouri-based artist, originally from Queens, is set to debut songs from her forthcoming album “Queen of Hearts,” in her first solo show in the city. The artist is going to perform a few of her well-known songs like “St. Louis” and “Through it All,” and some new ones, she said.

“I’m going be perform those songs because they’re pretty popular among my fan base, and I’m also going to be doing seven brand new songs from my new album,” said Caesar.

The album is mostly a mixture of upbeat and slow rhythm and blues songs about relationships and love, meant to uplift her listeners, said Caesar. And in one of her standout songs that strays from the romance theme record, the singer also talks about her Caribbean pride.

“My album is a plethora of ballads and love songs, and I’m also releasing ‘Caribbean Girl,’” she said. “That is song is about myself and being Caribbean, and it’s a women empowerment song about and who you are and finding your strength — I really think go over well with my fans.”

Being of Jamaican and St. Lucian parentage, Caesar said she always felt unsure about being open with pride but said she took flight in the song — something she was hesitant to do before.

“I was always afraid to try something Caribbean but I always wanted to try something with a reggae vibe — because I’m Jamerican and it’s in the bloodline,” she said. “I always been afraid start doing things I want to do and not let that hold me back and I connected greatly when the producer played me the track and I just went for it and I’m so proud with how my song came out.”

Caesar said she was thrilled for this concert because as an indie singer, the album was the first project released from Sauce Records — the label she started with her producer husband, and she promised a high quality show at an accessible entry price.

“The value of the show is going to be super dynamic and we’re having a live band the entire night — it’s going to be a whole different experience,” she said. “It’s a $25 show with a $200 value and I encourage everyone to come out because it will be a perfect date night and a girls night out.”

Lydia Caesar at Milk River Lounge [960 Atlantic Ave. between Washington and Grand avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant, (718)-636-8600,]. May 18 at 6 pm. $25.

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