Old San Juan’s Art League hosts fund-raiser


The Art League [Liga de Arte] of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, will host its yearly fair [or patron saint feast—Fiestas Patronales] with the purpose of raising funds for year-long scholarships for children, teens, or adults with artistic talent, but with limited resources.

The activity will be held next on Thursday, May 18 at the headquarters of the institution in Old San Juan (Plaza V Centenario) at 7:00pm. The event will have all the components of a patron saint festivity, including booths with games, food, and drink; shaved ice; music; dance and theatrical performances; crafts; and art work. There will be raffles of art work by leading Puerto Rican artists such as Antonio Martorell, Nick Quijano, Toni Hambleton, Haydée Landing, Rafael Trelles, Jaime Suárez, Sylvia Blanco, Frances Picó, Aileen Castañeda, Lorraine de Castro, Sofía Margarita Rodríguez, Giovanna Verni, Betsy Padín, Luis Ivorra, Dafne Elvira, Ivonne Prats, René Delgado, Mercedes Lugo, María Antonia Ordóñez, Luis Maysonet, Ricardo Marrero, and Luisa Roque, among about thirty artists.

Musical choices will include Palo Santo and Guaraguao—traditional music—as well as guitarist Carlos Rovira. The restaurants providing the food are: Antonio, Metropol, La Cueva del Mar, La Madre, Los cidrines, Aire Libre, Ostra Cosa, and Deaverdura.

Based on the original article (in Spanish) at http://dialogoupr.com/liga-de-arte-realizara-sus-fiestas-patronales/

Also see https://www.facebook.com/Liga-de-Arte-de-San-Juan-178946768807149/

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